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ILL brings with him, a Midwest Movement that includes; music, videos, clothing line and shows. He has hooked up in the past with Young Spiffy (TMG Movement) to create his hot, song, ‘Swagga On Mean‘. On his double mix tape Hold Ya Own vol. 2/ Small Thingz 2 A Giant. The video features Young Spiffy with a guest appearance by Chingy. You can download this double mix-tape from

ILL is the Founder & CEO of 17 Shotz Entertainment. He has released 4 mix tapes; Illstate of Mind, Daville Legendz, Hold Ya Own Industry Mixtape VOL.1 and Hold Ya Own Mixtape VOL. 2, both hosted by Violators Dj’s very own Deejay Supa.
He’s getting radio spins in Chicago, Nashville, Memphis, St. Louis, Wisconsin, Indiana, Colorado Springs, Denver, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Virginia, as well as other parts of Illinois on numerous radio stations.

ILL is also working on his production company Family over Everything (FOE) Productions, with
NYSE Visions

ILL’s Midwest Movement has him collaborating with fellow artists; Bammbeedoe, Natris G, Zeo Tha Mobsta and Dead Mic “Dem Illinois Boyz ” to name a few, to release a past mixtape called ” DAVILLE LEGENDZ ”
Reigning from Danville, Illinois, ILL has turned his raw street life into a self-made enterprise. 17 Shotz Entertainment is the home of artists on his roster, including; Dijah, Mista OutDaFrame Swanson, and Gee Reed.
Most of you know ILL as the former artist on Natris G’s Cross My Heart label, who is his manager and longtime friend. Also teaming up with Edna Sims ( publicist out of Los Angeles) and with a second manager to the team Big Fub out of Chicago. Big Fub has manage artists such as Twista, Legit Ballers, Crucial Conflict and worked with many bigger artists as well.

Facebook: Melvin T Staple – ILL
Instagram: @ill_17shotz
Twitter: @ILL17SHOTZ
Contact: For interviews, photos or information
Edna Sims, ESP Public Relations
310.770.8117 m ~

ABOUT ILL - Melvin T Staple

Founder & CEO
17 Shotz Ent & Urban Wear
President of Cephalic Service Center
Urban Clothing Line and Music Entertainment

ILL’s most popular song off his new mix-tape called
featuring Montana Of 300, has been in heavy rotation on radios all around and is almost at 100,000 views on YouTube thus far.

Ill’s current projects include an upcoming mix-tape University of ILL feat. remakes to tracks like ‘100 Racks’ and ‘OOOUUU’. Also his album ‘Levels’ with summer anthem ‘FAKE LOVE’ feat Talley of 300 with music video produced by @lakafilms.

Creating a stronger buzz for the Midwest most slept on. ILL’s second video song, ‘Hamnanas’ released off his mix-tape, ‘Slept On’ from 17 Shotz Entertainment is a word created by ILL and 17 Shotz Ent. Artist Zeo Da Mobsta. ILL has several other hit songs, such as ‘Sex Toy’ and ‘Cash Out’ ft. Swagg from OSO Arrogant Bricksquad, that has also generated over a 100,000 views on YouTube.

ILL currently teamed up with Katie Got Bandz for their trendsetting song called ‘STOOFY’ which is a word created and trademarked by ILL.., meaning being or acting in a manner of stupidity and goofy at the same time! There song is fairly new and has sum pretty big DJ’s behind it, like DJ Pharris from Heavy Hitters and the Violators DJ’s camp. U can listen to it now on Audiomack and the video is now on YouTube shot by A Zae Production

ILL is rolling with his new clothing line, 17 Shotz Urbanwear (UW) and has partnered with Nyse Vision Eastend Inc., to develop a video & production team, that produces and publishes new videos every month!

ILL has also tapped into the promotional business, and has promoted concerts for big name artists such as Lil Wayne, Montana of 300, Chingy, Katie Got Bandz, Trina, just to name a few. As porn star Pinky was the hostess for one of his concerts.
The way ILL sees it…Go Hard Or Go Home, as it’s his time to shine!


Melvin T Staple



Melvin T Staple


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